About us

We are a team of enthousiastic electronics and computer lovers. We are learning all the time about the newest technologies and developments. 

We can offer you software development, we can take care of your website, your domotica for machinery, provide optimal security and much more. 


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Automation is for making your work easier and take away worries. We offer solutions for you based on trusted systems and we build all our products with trust, convidence and pleasure. 

Office aplications

We create for you advanced software to administer your ledger, stock and finance.


We can fullfill the boring work of making pictures of your products or design nice logo's or images for presentations. Contact us for more information.

Network maintenance

We provide high quality maintenance for your network. We can provide backup solutions, account management, setting up new software and troubleshoot all kinds of problems.

Automation plan

Your not interested in IT but you have to deal with computers anyway. We can provide good solutions and advise you to have a cost effective IT solution for your company or institute.

Machine automation

We can automate your machines. From turning on suction when you start your saw machine till temperature controlled alarm. We can build it with microcontrollers, switches and sensors. We provide excelent solutions for very fair prices.


We are the right partner for small to middleclass companies to provide excelent IT solutions. We will not dissapoint you ;)

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