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8 channel Solidstate relaysboard

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This 8 channel solidstate relaysboard gives you 8 channels of switching options. You can switch lamps, lightgroups, powersockets, pumps, fans etc etc. On the internet you can find a lot of examples of projects. One of those can be used to use it as basis for your own project. You can customize example projects to fit your needs. The board is using 12 volt for the relais and the 5 volt needs to be exactly like the signalcurrent. So when you use a Raspberry Pi 3B+ for example you neeed to provide 3,3 volt for the board next to the pins. When you do this with the 3,3 volt from the Raspberry Pi it is for own risc!!!

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Tags: relays, optocoupler, domotica, diy, 8 channel