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Dual core ESP32 / ESP-32 microcontroller with low energyconsumption. 

Compared to the ESP-12 is this model using less energy and is much stronger/faster. It is ideal when you want to use a lot of libraries like MQTT, esp8266 webserver, neopixellibrary, sensors etc at the same time. This module does a good job in more complexed situations. 

Key features:
• 2.4 GHz dual-mode Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips using TSMC 40 nm low power technology
• Best power and RF properties
• Safe, reliable and scalable to a variety of applications
• High performance-price ration
• Small size
• Easily embedded to other products
• LWIP protocol support
• FreeRTOS support with: AP, STA, and AP + STA modes
• Lua programming language support

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