1 way Relay 10A 5V

€ 2.99
One way relay with led for indication. Optocoupling for more safe operation, build according to inte..

16 channel relaysboard

€ 16.94
This 16 channel relaysboard gives you 16 channels of switching options. You can switch lamps, lightg..

16 Sensors Module Kit

€ 14.99
Sensor Module Kit --16 Kinds of Sensors For Raspberry Pi DHT11 temperature and humidity sensorH..

4 channel Solid State Relays module

€ 6.66
Handy board for your IoT projects. The solidstate relais are a special kind of relays without mechan..

8 channel Solidstate relaysboard

€ 16.94
This 8 channel solidstate relaysboard gives you 8 channels of switching options. You can switch lamp..

Adapter 5V 3A

€ 6.99
Poweradapter for e.g. Raspberry Pi. The power adapter has a EU plug on the mains side and a micro US..

Breadboard 830 pins

€ 3.63
Breadboard for experimenting and developing. The board is made so you can plug in a lot of default p..

Breadboard Powersupply

€ 2.99
This powersupply is very handy. You stick it into your breadboard and you have 3,3 and 5 volt availa..

ESP-01 breakout module

€ 2.99
Breakoutboard for ESP-01 for easily using the ESP-01 with Breadboard etc. This module is without pin..

ESP-01 ESP8266

€ 3.93
ESP-01 ESP8266 seriële WIFI wireless module The ESP-01 is the most simple ESP8266 microcontroll..

ESP-01 ESP8266 + DHT11

€ 6.99
The ESP-01 is the most simple ESP8266 microcontroller we have in our store. If you need a sensor wit..


€ 4.99
Module for digital led, so called PixelLED. The digital version of the RGB LEDstrips can be controll..


€ 12.99
Dual core ESP32 / ESP-32 microcontroller with low energyconsumption. Compared to the ESP-12 is ..

IR sensor

€ 4.01
Kantel Sensor Module - Ball Switch - 3-5V - SW-520DBrand: RoarkitType: Optical Sensor ElectronicsMod..

LCD screen 0,96 inch

€ 3.99
This screen is ideal for use in selfmade projects. It can give ability as screen for ESP controllers..
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